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President Joe Biden Funding Hydrogen Industry

With the allocation of $9.5bn President Biden has pronounced a $1.2 trillion infrastructure investment and job acts for the hydrogen industry for development of hydrogen fueled project. Which indicates a landmark for the development of hydrogen fuel project in the USA. President with the dedication within the $1.2 trillion infrastructure investment and jobs acts. $8bn for extensive regional hydrogen hubs have been allotted, for clean hydrogen and electrolysis research and development & $1bn, for clean hydrogen and manufacturing $500m endowment have been allotted.

On 15th November the agreement was legitimately signed, which both highlighted the urgency of hydrogen fueled future for US and as well dictate to take initiative for the development of US first national roadmap and strategy which many other countries have already taken. As many parts of the world many nations have already taken initiatives for the development projects of hydrogen fueled projects now it is need of an hour for the government of the USA to Develop their first road map strategy. As to take an initiate for the opportunities as well as hydrogen fueled future.

Apart from above-mentioned discussion, which highlighted numerous opportunities of this project of hydrogen focused provision: Other innumerable opportunities like advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell technology with the energy and transportation system to encounter the ongoing energy and decarburization challenges. Challenges include economic & social issues, energy supply security & sustainability. Which could be threatened for the safety of environment.

As claimed by the CEO and president of Fuel cell and hydrogen energy association (FC HAE), Frank Wolak, that with their far-reaching collaboration the Fuel and hydrogen energy association (FCHEA )has escorted their charge working on houses, senate, and administration office to uplift American hydrogen economy. Additionally, he expressed his excitement upon the strong transition of cross-party upon hydrogen and

fuel industry. This bill indicates the energetic and enthusiastic indication of creation of strong hydrogen economy.
Earlier in this year President Biden has already taken initiatives for hydrogen agreements. As we have observed, Biden’s constructive role in reassembling of Paris climate agreement which was terminated in the presidency of Donald Trump in November 2020. n his initial 100 days he vowed that he will bring around the climate summit world and the leaders of greenhouse gas emitting Nations to convince us for joining USA in more aspiring national packages beyond and more than the agreements which have already taken .Additionally, in Feb Joe Biden and Harris administration has appreciated that it is a targeting low cost hydrogen project by a newly emerged climate innovation group,

In July it was expected that Biden would sign an agreement of $550bn investment for construction of American infrastructure.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the infrastructure investment and job act is undeniably an unremarkable initiative in US hydrogen journey which will be gratified by numerous people. The act has been actively taken by the powerful and enthusiastic initiative by the president Joe Biden for the development in hydrogen the journey. Along with the rejoining of Paris climate agreement which was earlier withdrawal by Donald Trump.