Monitoring NetZero Transition from Natural Gas to Hydrogen

Integrated within the smart grid meter market, the Fast Sense semiconductor based chip & instrument, detects low carbon blends (H₂/CH₄) of gas, using a set of variation monitoring tools that knows how to translate quantitatively energy into value.

First purpose built Hydrogen home by Northern Gas

Industrializing H₂ Sensor Demand, Striving Towards An Integrated Energy Green Future

Lg FinalistWe at Fast Sense care about your safety and the safety of your equipment. Our solution can monitor, detect, and analyse gas blends without being affected by cross sensitivity; providing capabilities for accurate readings, cost-effective distribution & fast analysis of multi-component gas mixtures.

Sensing Instrument For Decarbonized Hydrogen Energy

No cross sensitivity when sensing gasses

Sensors that suffer from cross sensitivity is a thing of the past. Hydrogen & Methane when mixed together causes no change in reading.

Identify and quantify different gases

Gases are sometimes extremely difficult to detect because they are odourless. Our method identifies and quantifies different gases and gas mixtures immediately.

Low power, easy to deploy, small footprint

We Print Sensors! Fast Sense has made significant advancements in delivering and producing high-performance, low-cost and easy-to-use Hydrogen / Methane sensors.

Proving Hydrogen Gas is Equally as Safe as Natural Gas

Grid Billing & Safety H2 Consumption Monitoring

Hydrogen and Consumer Monitoring

From a public perspective, blended hydrogen is still a concern, and we understand why. Our multi-gas sensor standalone product, keeps your customers safe, alarming them of any fault in the gas mix supply.

Distributed Industrial H2 Performance & Safety

Hydrogen Industrial Monitoring

Our network of sensors, provide data to help understand what’s happening downstream. This includes gas distribution, consumers appliances, to flow monitoring for leading end-market research in energy & materials.

Fast-Sensor lets you know what gases are present keeping plants and equipment safe. Each nano section on our sensors are designed to be specific to the gas it is intended to detect, without any cross sensitivity.

Combustible, toxic & asphyxiant gases can cause some of the most catastrophic incidents both at home & the workplace and need constant monitoring.

Our Co-Founders


David Suter Sharabi Hydrogen Sensors


Serial science tech, winning awards, smart city hackathons finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt. ICO Standards Committee




10 Patents. 8 Patents used within Industry. Head of the Dept of Chemistry Bar-Ilan University Nano Centre.

Fast Sense is developing a smart gas meter to monitor the energy transition into hydrogen. “Our laser-printed sensor, detects gas mixtures, protecting assets, including pipelines, equipment and urban areas in case of leaks, during production, transportation and storage. “


FAST and Safer delivery of blended hydrogen response monitoring coupled with the delivery of a data optimization algorithm, helps companies contain and detect faster, providing re-active controls & quick response for minimized appliance and homes damages.



REAL-TIME Chemical Monitoring is a proprietary on-a-chip solution which gives the ability to detect, analyse and monitor gas mixtures, without being affected by cross-sensitivity on a single chip.




SCALABLE & easy nano sensing is made possible by  implementing a cost-effective nano-fabrication network, providing the ability of tailor-made and cost efficient gas mixture sensing across the grid.



The world’s 1st high performance gas sensors, uniquely enabling large-scale realtime decision making